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Wireless Bluetooth COBOX Watt meter 36V/48V Power Analyzer for Android Smart-phones

COBOX Wattmeter 36V





 Wireless Bluetooth COBOX Wattmeter is an electric bike computer that streams measured and calculated electrical parameters right to your Android smartphone via wireless Bluetooth protocol at operating distance of up to 80 meters.

A cyclist can instantly get live electrical parameters to their Android smartphone, together with a GPS location on the map, trip and velocity data. Or, alternatively, one can simply use it with other DC electrical devices, such as RC toys, solar panels, Quadrocoper, electric vehicle, battery testing, etc.
The Android smartphone samples the values once per second and records them to the log file for post-processing and further analysis.
To be able to present the data on an Android smart phone, one has to install the COBOXWmeter application on that smartphone (Android version 4.3 and above).

The COBOXWmeter application features three different screens:     


The Dashboard screen displays:
  •   Main data (Speed, Distance, Ah, V, Vmin, A and Amax)
  •   State of GPS signal, wireless Bluetooth COBOXWmeter connection state and trace log state
  •   Speed gauge


The Indicators screen displays: 




  •   All electrical data from COBOXWmeter
  •   Distance, speed and maximum speed data
  •   COBOXWmeter power up time (Trip Time)
  •   Power Time. Duration of    battery discharging – running time on electric power
  •   Regeneration – NEW model of COBOXWmeter – COMING SOON
  •   Two different temperatures
  •   Two different cadences
  •   GPS Fix – The number of GPS satellites fixed versus  satellites available


The Map screen:

  • Displays your ride on a Google map




Features of Wireless Bluetooth COBOX Wattmeter – Power Analyzer for Android smart phones:
  • COBOX Wattmeter/36V handles:  maximal Voltage Vmax=55V, maximal Current Imax=60A 
     COBOX Wattmeter/36V starts to work at  Vmin= 6,5 V
  •  COBOX Wattmeter/48V handles:  maximal Voltage Vmax=60V, maximal Current Imax= 60A
     COBOX Wattmeter/48V starts to work at  Vmin= 30 V
  •  Output for smart phone  USB charging
  • ·         Powerful 8 bit microcontroller
  •          COBOX Wattmeter – Power Analyzer measures Current, Voltage, Temperature, Cadence and uses these parameters to calculate the Power, maximum Power, minimum Voltage, maximum Current and Battery consumption in Ah and Wh.
  •          Android smartphone displays all real-time electrical data, GPS position, GPS Speed and shows your trip on a map.
  •          Real time calculating of maximum power,  minimal voltage, maximal Current and battery capacity used
  •          Records all data to the Android smartphone with 1 second granularity- that is all the data are sampled and recorded once every second in to the data log located on the smartphone’s internal memory.
  •          Trace logs not older than 24 hours can be appended when the COBOX Wmeter Android application is powered on.
  •          Factory calibration is stored in EPROM on COBOX Wattmeter – Power Analyzer device
  •          COBOX Wattmeter can easily be manually calibrated (Voltage and Current) in order to display accurate measurements.
  •          When the battery drains out and COBOX Wattmeter stops working, the last electrical data on Android smartphone can be recalled, provided it was connected to the device and COBOXWmeter application is running on the smartphone.
  •          Regeneration Current (new version of COBOXWmeter – SOON AVAILABLE) - Indicates  the current value of electrical current generated by means of regeneration (e.g. at breaking of the vehicle).
Wireless Bluetooth COBOX Wattmeter can be used in difference ways:
  •          Trip information record
  •          Display real-time all electrical data
  •          Display real-time temperature and  Cadence
  •          Logging  of all data for post processing and further analysis
  •          Battery discharging and charging health monitor
  •          Power system diagnostic tool (to find faults or errors in the power system)
BENEFITS of Wireless Bluetooth COBOX Wattmeter:
Wireless Bluetooth COBOX Wattmeter – Power Analyzer provides all information about electrical powered devices such as electric bike, eBike, EV, Solar panels, RC toys, Quadrocopter, Battery monitoring…
This information helps:
  •          Maximize your trip time and traveled distance
  •          Find out efficiencies of the motor and controller
  •          Extend the battery life
  •          Get the information on power consumption in different trip conditions
  •          Verify proper operation  of electrical devices
  •          One year limited warranty

Wireless Bluetooth COBOX Wattmeter specification:
Voltage COBOX Wattmeter/36V
6,5 - 55V
0.1 V
Voltage COBOX Wattmeter/48V
30 – 60V
0 - 60A
0.1 A
0 - 3300W
1 W
0 – 16800 Ah
0.01 Ah
0 – 2016000 Wh
0.1 Wh
-50  -  +125 °C
0.1 °C
0 -  10
0.01  1/sec
0 – 7 days
1 second
Current and
Regeneration current – new COBOXWattmeter version – COMMING SOON
0 – 100 A ( 0 – 200A )
·         36V  –  150 V
·         36V --  250V
0.5 A  ( 1 A )
0.2 V
0.3 V
COBOX Wmeter Android application specification:
0 - ∞
0.1  Km/h - Mph
0 - ∞
GPS fix
0 - 16
Fixed satellites/available GPS satellites
Trace log
1 record per second

COBOX   Wattmeter box printed on a 3D printer:
Operating Current: 60 mA
Dimensions: 40mm x 50mm x 20mm
Box dimensions: 59mm x 79mm x 27mm
Weight: 44 grams
Weight with BOX: 60 grams
Bluetooth V2.0 operating range:  up to 80m (depends on the smartphone).
The  smartphone  has  to be  Android  version  4.3  or  above,  to  run  COBOXWattmeter  device  with google map.
COBOXWmeter Lite android application is intended for Android smart phones with version 4.0 and above. It displays all the data, only without the location/trip details on a map.
  • COBOX Wattmeter/36V:    59,00 EUR
  • ·COBOX Wattmeter/48V:    59,00 EUR
  • COBOX Temperature sensor without cable:  6,00 EUR
  • COBOX Temperature sensor with 1m connection cable: 8,00 EUR
  • COBOX Cadence sensor with wheel magnet and 0.9m connection cable: 9,00 EUR
  • COBOX box: 13,00 EUR
  • World wide shipping with tracking number: 5,00 EUR
  • All prices are VAT excluding


Info and order:



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